31 Day Challenge//Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Tonight I am hitting ya'll with a MUCH delayed blog post. Gracie is 3 1/2 moths old and I have been putting off exercise and healthy eating like you don't even know. Well Saturday was supposed to be day 1 (31 days in October...). Saturday we had an also MUCH needed yard sale. Sunday was church and pastor appreciation, and today the stomach bug decided to hit. Since I am feeling somewhat better now, the hubby is going to help me meal prep (prep, not consume. crazy guy wouldn't touch a veggie). 

Soooo long story short I plan to start the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge tomorrow morning (check snap to see how its going>haleyleighanne1). I have been a fan of the tone it up girls for a few years now. I'll summarize what Tone It Up is all about:

*Free to Sign Up.
*Social Media Motivation.
*Free Workout Schedule Each Week.
*Free Healthy Recipes.
*Did I Mention Daily Motivation from Women All Over the World???
*It's a Community for Women (and their supper loving hubbies :)).
-Hop on over to Instagram and check out these hashtags>>>> #tiu31 #tiuteam @toneitup

I plan to do the 31 day challenge (Workouts & Meal Plan) in combination with Run for God running plan. AND in combination with my favorite Advocare supplements.

Run for God is similar to couch to 5k. It incorporates weekly bible study to go along with each weeks running plan. We did this as a group bible study at church and I highly recommend it! This will be my daily cardio at least 3 days a week.

Advocare Supplements:
Peaches and Cream Herbal Cleanse
Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake
Vanilla Muscle Gain
Probiotic Restore Ultra
Pink Lemonade Spark Energy

My husband and I have been using advocare since 2012, and we love it! My parents did 24 day challenges, and over time convinced Steven and I to try it. Steven saw the most results weight wise (men always do don't they?!). I saw results in energy (I was in nursing school), and cravings going away. I have been using different supplements on and off as needed. Well...now I actually have quite a bit of weight to lose for the first time (22 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight, and 35 pounds away from goal weight). So anyways...we are Advocare fans and I become an advisor to get the discount and sell Spark to friends.
Love the Gingerbread Bars!

This is my game plan to get healthy and get in shape! I plan to post at least weekly updates with the past weeks accomplishments and the next weeks plan.

This week:
*Eating on the TIU Meal Plan & taking Advocare Supplements
*Morning workouts
*1/2 my body weight in oz. of water
*Journal diet and exercise daily
*Sleep at least 8 hours every night

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